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Hello everyone. I would just like to thank everyone for inviting me and taking me into the guild as family(one of your own). I hope that I never got on anyone nerves...I apologize if I have. I may not be the best at class/or player(just keeping it real lol) but I hope that for the times I have been able to play that I was able to contribute to the guild in some way(s).  Even when just logging on and not playing I was still trying to assist in doing tradeskills for guild (though probably not much lol when yall doing the tuff stuff and may need numbers).  I originally came to Xegony because of the suggestion from old friend Direck and yall welcomed me...I haven't seen him on in a while and I am slowly transitioning back to Eq.  A friend I was in the military with and that introduced me to EQ has started back and is on Tribunal/Bristle so I will be transferring my main character (Niiteman the rogue) back to that server.  THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING 

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