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  1. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Memorial gathering

    What a heart-warming afternoon sharing Frib stories with Truley and the rest of us AoHers It was moving, meaningful, and so very special. As I visited our guild hall memorial room, I realized that there were more monuments than I was aware we had lost folks. Would it be possible to add a "In Memoriam" page or section to this website with information on who the members are who have crossed the human equivalent of the Rainbow Bridge? (Trying to phrase it as delicately as possible... ) Wol
  2. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Frib (Thomas)

    Heartbreaking news
  3. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Look who turned 2

    Those pics with the chicken are darling!!!
  4. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Happy Birthday, Anchovy!

    Ooooh... happy day, happy year, Fishy! May both be filled with HHJJ!
  5. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Happy Birthday, Lancon!

    I think you're right, Elm... but are our memorials labeled? I know there's one for Wars there, but not sure who the other(s) signify.
  6. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Happy Birthday Vanrau!

    Happy day, Van-- may the year bring you only good things! Also, hit me up if there's a need for funding to keep *this* site going!
  7. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Happy Birthday, Zodak!

  8. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Happy Birthday, Vanrau!

    Happy day, happy year, Mighty Webmaster!
  9. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Happy Birthday, Fendarian!

  10. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Grieg has passed away

    Such very sad news I shall miss his updates here. And I shall eat a burger in his honor, remembering his story about the hamburgers he and Naketa ate. RIP Grieg.
  11. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Look who turned 2

    What a gorgeous dolly she is Where did the blond hair come from?!?!?
  12. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Happy Birthday, Suyacidal!

    Happy day, happy year, Suya!
  13. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Happy Birthday, Siltene!

  14. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Happy Birthday, Frib!

    HHJJ to you, oh mighty Fribulator!
  15. Wolana Phoenixfyre

    Lost Independence

    Happy anchor-planted day, and happy original Brexit day!