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  1. Reppy

    Grieg has passed away

    Very sad to hear. He was a good guy.
  2. Reppy


    Hey NM
  3. Reppy


    I don't think badly of you at all. Had forgotten about the post you're referring to. So.....forgetaboutit. Was nice of you to pull some last night and glad you got the namer locations on your maps now. Rock on!
  4. Reppy

    Happy Birthday Anchovy!

  5. Reppy

    Happy Birthday Vanrau!

    Thanks Van for all you do! 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹
  6. Reppy

    Home Page Pic

  7. Reppy

    You Are Here.

    I was poking around looking at information on the Mars InSight Mission and found this old photo. It always amazed me when looking at it. Reminds me of Carl Sagan's blurp about Everything you've ever known is on this blue dot. Links if you're interested: Article Carl Sagan
  8. Reppy

    Home Page Pic

    Mak sent me one. Dunno if you want to use it though....
  9. Reppy

    Happy Birthday, Makrus!

    Mak rejected Bara's gift Happy Birthday Mak!
  10. Reppy

    Thank you

    Awesome. Welcome back
  11. Reppy

    The future of EQ?

    If they would just keep the GGH open, Mak would be good for some time🤣
  12. Reppy

    Happy Birthday, Daegon!

    Happy Happy Day Dae!
  13. Reppy