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  1. Fendarian

    Florence Affected

    I am in the Raleigh area, so expecting to get hit. It is looking like the storm is veering a little more south now. So I am hopefully that we won't get hit too hard.
  2. Fendarian


  3. Fendarian

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays to All
  4. Fendarian

    Happy Birthday, Fendarian!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes
  5. Fendarian

    Happy Thanksgiving !

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Fendarian

    Server down?

    I got on late last night, but can't get on now.
  7. Fendarian

    Happy Birthday, Fendarian!

    Thanks! Been away from EQ for a bit with the holidays. But should be back on again starting tomorrow