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  1. Zodak

    Happy Birthday, Zodak!

    Thanks all!
  2. Zodak

    Happy Birthday, Senwar!

    Happy Birthday Sen!
  3. Zodak


    Kolk, It was easier to get information and see possible vulnerabilities on Windows Servers. However, once I had viable information on either Unix or Windows, it was easier to gain root on a Unix than it was to gain NT/Authority access on Windows.
  4. Zodak


    I turned in my final project and final exam this weekend, so I was able to jump on some this weekend.. The final project was hands on and a lot of fun. I was presented with 7 servers (Linux and Windows) and had to hack into 4 of them, documenting everything that I did. I was given a week to do it and it was online via a virtual environment. They are going to start this program this fall. You can check it out here - https://www.sciprofessional.pitt.edu/course/introduction-information-security-and-privacy It's not 100% online though, as you have to be onsite for 2 days. They really limit their potential market by doing this.
  5. Zodak

    Hi all

    Great!! Look forward to it and we'll catch you up in no time.
  6. Zodak


    Hello all, I have had zero time to play and this will continue through the first week of August. The University of Pittsburgh is starting a new Cyber Security certificate program and they asked me to take one of the courses and provide feedback on the course. I agreed, but I woefully underestimated the amount of time this course would demand. Each weeknight, after I get home from work and eat dinner, I jump on the computer and spend 3+ hours working on the material until bed time. This past weekend, I spent roughly 12 hours on Saturday and about 5 on Sunday. The class itself it great and I am loving the material. It is an Offensive Bootcamp, where I am learning Kali Linux and the vast amount of techniques to enumerate targeted hosts. We are just now starting on exploits and I was able to gain access to a server using msfvenom, python and a documented exploit. It not only has been fun to learn, it is an eye opener to me (someone not in the security realm and does not really follow attacks). Anyway, I still enjoy playing Everquest and I'll get back on once I complete the final project and exam. Happy hunting! Zodak
  7. Zodak

    Happy Birthday Kolkash

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Zodak

    Happy Birthday Truley!

    Happy Birthday. Truley was in game? For real? I miss her.
  9. Zodak

    Saying hello

    Hi Desiny. Good to see you again.
  10. Zodak


    Let's raid Reppy's AA stash...Most of us could use some of those to help us become more powerful.
  11. Zodak

    Happy Birthday Enverdaz

    Happy Birthday Enver! I knew I liked you for more than your DPS. You and I are the same age...well, for a little while anyway, then I'll ding before you.
  12. Zodak

    Happy Birthday Zach

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy this last year in your 30s. :-)
  13. Zodak


    Hey Zehn, you can pull for me anytime. I don't care how many times you die...< wink > Just kidding about you dying part. Can you get into Aalishai: Palace of Embers? You can practice pulling in there with me. Zodak
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    Home Page Pic

    ugh, never thought of that and that makes perfect sense.
  15. Zodak

    Home Page Pic

    Yes, I mean while in Germany. We went to Frankenstein's Castle and when we got back to our car, someone stole the battery.