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    What ya raiding?
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    Happy Birthday, Grupp!

    Happy Brithday Grupp! One of my fondest memories of EQ, was as a clueless level 60 or so paladin on the Combine server tagging along with Grupp and Hammerdahl ( I think they were both level 75) on a dungeon crawl for a drop on Hammerdahl's paladin epic quest. I think Hammerdahl and I were in Fighters of Faydark guild at the time, and Grupp in IVD. I always remembered that night and how much fun it was...which led me to joining IVD later in the game.
  4. Charqule

    Back to EQ

    Things are slowly coming back to me...one question though Does anyone know which current cleric merc heals should be buff blocked to improve merc healing at level 105?
  5. Charqule

    Back to EQ

    Hi Everyone - So I decided dip my toe back into the EQ water this weekend. It was good to see a few familiar faces from the old IVD days. If I remember correctly, I had left to go to the Rathe server prior to the guild merge that became AoH; however, I see some recognizable names from when we joint raided together. Life is still very busy with a couple of active kids, coaching baseball, and family commitments, but I'm just looking to ease back into the game. Yesterday was an eye opener, forgotten keyboard commands, a new loot system, and trying to remember out how to get places. When time permits, I'll be logging on to plink away at getting my shammy and bard to 105 and catch up on my AAs for Charq. I still have not bought the new expansion, as I need time to play competently before venturing ahead. Not sure I will be able to raid anytime soon, but am looking forward to logging in more often. Regards, Charqule