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  1. Krystil

    News new and some sad news

    So as you all knew my little family and I were going to be moving which meant no internet for a while and I was planning to get on to play before we moved, also everyone knew that we were about to welcome our second son into the world. Well Jaxon came two weeks early like his brother did and as soon as we got out the hospital (Thursday of the week) my family and my bfs family had us moved into our new house by Saturday night. So we have been living here going on two weeks and since everything happened at once I wasn't able to play with everyone before I wouldn't be able to for a while (that's the sad part) but soon hopefully I will be online. But here are some pictures of big brother Reed with baby brother Jaxon ❤️ They look identical when you put reeds baby pic next to jaxon and both came two weeks early, reed was 7.8lb 21in and Jaxon was 7.6lb 20in. Can't get crazier than that ???? In pictures of side by sides reed is on the right in the face pics and left on the car seat photos
  2. Krystil

    Happy Birthday, Krystil!

    Thank you all!!
  3. Krystil

    Good news and bad

    So as many of you know my boyfriend, our son, and I have been looking to move out of his moms house for a while now and I'm excited to announce that we will finally be moving into our first home together in the next two weeks. Now the sad/bad news is that I don't know when we will have internet again because we want to figure out money and such and how much we will be able to do and whatnot before we invest in internet. But before we leave his moms house and when I get some downtime from packing I plan to get on for a bit and play with everyone. Hopefully on a Sunday, Saturday or Friday night, I'll be able to tell when we get a little calmed down from the amount of packing and cleaning out. I know I am rarely on as it is but I think about you all on a daily basis and I'm gonna miss having the chance to play for a while, hopefully it won't be too long of a while. If you are interested in grouping up on my last night of eq please message me on here and I will make sure to let you know when that night will be hopefully a few days in advance. Also other news we are getting closer to Reed's baby brother Jaxon joining us in September! So a lot of new things for my little family. Included is a recent photo of Mr Reed (: he has grown so much and I wanted to continue to share him with y'all. Much love, Krystil
  4. Krystil

    Guess What?!

    Reed will be a BIG BROTHER! I am currently 11 weeks, due around the end of August, early September-ish. Thought I'd share. Also with this news is some other, with baby #2 on the way, I will be having to find a job and we will be moving hopefully before the baby is born, so sad to say when we do move it will be a while until I will be on the internet until we will be able to afford it along with other bills and both little ones. So if you don't see me on that often or not at all for a while, then that is why. I hate that I wont be able to get on as often but I will do my best to stay in contact in any way that I can. The only way we will end up with internet as soon as we move is if my boyfriend is able to get the job he wants at a cable company, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers because the stress of finances we had before are about to be even more tough with more stress. I love you all.
  5. Krystil

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year!! Is there a raid still tonight or no?
  6. Krystil

    Happy holidays! (Little late)

    Elmindor- surprisingly he loved santa. He kept trying to pet his beard like he does to the one at home 😂
  7. Krystil

    Happy holidays! (Little late)

    Happy holidays from us to y'all!!
  8. Krystil


    New photos of my little family! Reed is going on 19 months this month on the 25th!
  9. Krystil

    Server down?

    Glad I am not the only one having the issue.. I just found this: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php
  10. On May 25 my sweet boy turned one! I haven't posted updated pictures or updates on how well he is doing, he says momma, dada, fishy, bye bye, and no. He waves hello and bye, he is a crawling machine but yesterday started walking like crazy! So he should be walking on his own in a few days time. He loves food and will eat all of his and then come after ours, he loves going swimming and playing on his little radio flyer (a ride along). He is growing like a weed at 29 3/4 in and 23 lbs. he loves to dance to rap music and sways to slower songs. He also has his first 4 teeth and we believe he has more coming in this week. (: trim.BA25C80D-99F6-477C-ACB0-192FAB7CA62C.MOV
  11. Krystil

    Reed at 2months!

    No that's his cousin lol
  12. Krystil

    Reed at 2months!

    Lol gnome.. nah the hat is his uncles and the pool is my sisters in laws, that was her baby shower. Reed is growing like a weed and trying to crawl now, he loves his walker and toys and he laughs a lot now. Loves elmo. The little girl in the picture is my neice Brooke.
  13. Krystil

    Happy Birthday, Krystil!

    i just saw this thank yall!!
  14. Krystil

    Reed at 2months!

    Also posting one of Reeds first pictures of him and his cousin Brooke who will be here in September, also of me and my older sister/best friend
  15. Krystil

    Newborn news!

    Turned 1 month old today!