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  1. Tshuma

    Look who turned 2

    No we live on a farm with 130+ chickens and ducks that is her favorite.
  2. Tshuma

    Look who turned 2

    relaxing with her favorite chicken
  3. Tshuma

    Look who turned 2

    Thank you, not sure both our other 2 started out blond also
  4. Tshuma

    Look who turned 2

    Well I set her up an account, though for now she just sits on 1 of our laps and tries to smash buttons
  5. Tshuma

    Happy Birthday Muffinstalker

    Happy Birthday Muffinstalker
  6. Tshuma

    Happy Birthday, Tshuma!

    Thank you
  7. Tshuma

    1st B-day

    Somebody turned 1 this past November and she had a really good time, Felixav made the cake her 1st time making that kind of cake.
  8. Tshuma


  9. Tshuma

    Tshuma & Felixav's new recruit

    Hehe, yea I know just using this to post updated pictures and thank you
  10. Tshuma

    Tshuma & Felixav's new recruit

    Thank you all, we are just getting back home and she has picked her name: "Indekwe Amber Dena Spaniola" In-de'-kwe'= Ojibwe word for "my heart girl" because she has a very small hole in her heart, the doctors said it usually will heal up on it's own. Amber Dena was Tshuma's sister that passed away at 4 years old
  11. Tshuma

    Tshuma & Felixav's new recruit

    Thanks, Mom and baby are doing great, Felixav is still in a bit of pain though
  12. Tshuma

    Tshuma & Felixav's new recruit

    She is 6.8 lbs 17.5" long