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  1. Senwar

    Look who turned 2

    Hey a Kolkash sighting! Miss you!
  2. Senwar

    Grieg has passed away

    Oh no, sad news indeed. Prayers for his family at this sad time.
  3. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Kira!

    Great to hear from you and such good news about health looking up. As for lost and unusable, it t'ain't so. Just takes small steps to relearn the game, and I'm always glad of people to group with.
  4. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Kira!

    Happy birthday Kira!
  5. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Wolana!

    Happy birthday!
  6. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Flopy!

    Happy birthday! So where ya been!
  7. Senwar

    Look who turned 2

    Such a pretty happy girl!
  8. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Senwar!

  9. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Bodesta!

    Happy birthday! So what is up with you? Still playing?
  10. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Varonika!

    Happy birthday! Miss you!
  11. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Carlingo!

    Happy birthday!
  12. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Lothaire!

    Happy birthday!
  13. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Majandra!

    Happy birthday!
  14. Senwar

    Happy Birthday, Vegettomota!

    Happy birthday!
  15. Senwar

    FTP Accounts

    oh not sure about that. I know they wee offering a free heroic upgrade but that was quite a while ago. I'll look for you so we can do some more of these. Or drag someone in along with you. Others probably will want this if they get the boots.