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  1. Majandra

    Memorial gathering

    There is a thread of people who should not be guildremoved- I added those I knew of to it. I sent link in pm.
  2. Majandra

    Frib (Thomas)

    I wish I had met him IRL. Many fond memories in game
  3. Majandra

    Grieg has passed away

    Wow, I was not expecting to read this I miss that guy
  4. So sad I hope his wasn't suicide too
  5. Majandra

    Happy Birthday, Majandra!

    Thanks guys
  6. Majandra

    Thank you Majandra!!!

    When I saw that post title, I couldn't figure out what I could have done to help anyone ... lol Glad I could help!!
  7. Majandra

    1st B-day

    awww what a cutie!
  8. Majandra

    Florence Affected

    Be safe you guys!
  9. Majandra


    Congrats on the new house!
  10. Majandra

    Gofundme for Coz (Garithas)

    Some of you might remember the brief appearance of a rl friend of mine in game- Garithas. He didn't make it up to app reqs before having to quit eq for other unrelated reasons. Regardless, even if you don't know him, I wish you did. He is the most generous and kind hearted person I know, and he has helped me survive some pretty stressful situations with his friendship. Most of the help he gives people is not monetary, and it took lots of convincing to let his friends start a gofundme page for him, because he is so uncomfortable taking from others. His situation is horrible, and I am doing everything in my power to repay years of his kindness, and it just isn't enough with him being so far away. At any rate, Coz has stage 4 kidney cancer which has spread to his lungs. He had 3 years symptom free. Now he requires constant draining of the pleural space, and still has significant pain and discomfort enough that everyday activities are difficult. His mother is elderly and with both of them on assistance, finances are tight, and it's difficult maintaining their apartment. His care team is surprisingly helpful for being american on ssd or however it's called, but there are still gaps. Things like transportation- he can't catch a bus with his lungs this bad, and can't afford a cab so he has sometimes missed appointments. If any of you are in a situation to help out financially or otherwise, any help is great. Hope this all makes sense as typing from my phone here sucks. If there are any people who can help other than through gofundme or monetary, pm me. At any rate, here is the link https://www.gofundme.com/coz-is-fighting-cancer-fund
  11. Majandra

    Just to say Hi!

    Nice to hear from you! Glad to hear things are well
  12. Majandra

    Man Down Movie

    Very raw I wish nobody had to go through that
  13. Majandra

    Happy Birthday, Majandra!

    Thanks guys
  14. Majandra

    Happy Birthday, Lothaire!

    Happy birthday
  15. Majandra

    Hi Everyone!

    nice to see you around again